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Power Monitoring System Keeps the Lights on in Las Vegas

The Venetian-Palazzo Resort Casino Hotel complex in Las Vegas is the largest hotel complex in the world with over 7,000 rooms in the property. In addition to the hotel, the property boats over 225,000 square feet of casino space as well as its own convention center the Sands Expo. The property is the jewel of the Las Vegas Strip and provides visitors with the feel of Venice complete with a canal and actual gondolas. It is luxury throughout and promises visitors the very best in dining, accommodations, entertainment.


A facility like the Venetian is dependent upon a great deal of electrical power, without which it would be in dire straits. The facility needed to be able to withstand power interruptions on a portion of the incoming utility power with virtually little to no impact. If a complete power loss occurred the facility needed to be able to respond in order to maintain life safety systems as well provide distractions and comforts for its guests. ESC engineering was brought in as part of the team to design and implement a monitoring and control solution to achieve the goals of the facility.


ESC designed a Power Management Control System (PMCS) in conjunction with General Electric. The system is comprised of multiple servers, a network of PLCs, protective devices, and meters. The design is based on a distributed control approach where the control resides at the local level to prevent loss of control in the event of communications loss. Each of the 69 substations contains a dedicated PLC responsible for control of the respective location. A number of critical substations manage critical loads in conjunction with the standby generation plant and ensure that high priority loads remain online and lower priority loads are adjusted based on available generator capacity. The system software provides a means for the entire system to be monitored, also providing remote control capability, historical data logging and analysis, and remote alarm notification.


ESC focused on providing a design that was flexible and expandable. The initial system was designed in 1998 and has remained in operation with each subsequent addition and expansion to it present configuration. The monitoring and control portion of the system is used on a daily basis to monitor the facility and is also used for load planning. The standby control portion of the system has operated as expected on the few occasions that power has been lost to the property. The system has met or exceeded expectations and ESC is the sole solution provider for the application.