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Why Choose ESC engineering, Inc.?

If you are searching for an engineering, planning, controls or geospatial consulting career opportunity and the chance to shape your own future, we want you at ESC engineering (ESC). In addition, we offer a competitive compensation program and a wide array of other benefits, including company ownership.

Our Hiring Philosophy

ESC's success is fueled by the motivation and drive of the people we hire and the skills and visions they develop. Our clients choose ESC because of our team, their expertise and dedication.

We are continuing to grow and offer career opportunities for people with technical and leadership skills. If you are interested in growing and working on a highly diverse, energetic and dedicated team, ESC offers that and much more. Come work for us!

Dynamic environment

ESC engineering is a dynamic firm built around people. Whether it’s our collegial atmosphere, the opportunity to work on challenging projects with talented people, the ability to be a company-owner, the ability to direct our own career paths or make our mark on the world—it’s clear our employees like working here!

  • 76% of our staff have been employed at ESC five years or more
  • 45% have been here 10 years or more
  • Our annual employee retention rate is routinely 98% or better
  • 90% of our staff are company owners

Core values

Since our founding in 1978, a set of corresponding internal values and external actions have driven everything we do (see who we are):

Internal Values
External Actions
Connections Our relationships, both internal and with our clients, create a team that is stronger than its individuals. Connect We forge client relationships that outlast contracts
Achievement We value and acknowledge each team member by providing opportunities for growth, ownership and sharing in rewards. Value We devote one of our company owners to support every client project
Dedication We are dedicated to our people and our work. We emphasize the long-term in all we do by promoting loyalty and stability. Pledge We serve clients with stability, history, hard work and a commitment to integrity
Collaboration We appreciate and rely on each other’s strengths. We recognize that growth is vital and that an encouraging team produces unexpected breakthroughs. Solve We work as a team to master project requirements and deliver optimal solutions for every client

We continually seek clients with whom we can work in partnership and projects that challenge us and stretch us to grow and break new ground. Our staff is empowered to solve problems creatively. We collaboratively work together to address internal and external issues and develop inspired solutions.

We constantly seek projects that stretch our expertise in engineering and related technical services, pushing ourselves past current limits. To address client needs, we tailor solutions specific to their issues or opportunities. Our staff develops new tools and approaches that allow us to better address high level issues and focus on specific project challenges.

Our reward is a reputation for high-quality work, dedicated staff, long-term clients, a climate that promotes team and individual achievement, and an environment that provides a means and promotes company ownership. Our reputation has attracted some of the top people, clients, and partners in our field today.

Social and community involvement

Enjoying life is an important part of life at ESC engineering. We have company sports teams, summer picnics, holiday parties, service celebrations, and spontaneous get-togethers.

We also have a tradition of involvement in charitable activities. Our employees have contributed their own dollars and time in service to support local food banks, promote medical research and prevention for key health issues, and participate in fund raisers for victims of occupational problems and natural disasters. In addition, we also support local nonprofit organizations to promote the education and development of future engineers and scientists.

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